What is Collective Worship?

The aims and purpose of Collective Worship as defined by the Education Reform Act 1988 are as follows:

· to provide an opportunity for the children to worship God

· to enable children to consider spiritual and moral issues

· to enable children to explore their own beliefs

· to encourage participation and response

· to develop in children a sense of community spirit

· to promote a common ethos with shared values and reinforce positive attitudes

In our school we aim “to enable our school community to engage meaningfully in a real act of Christian worship every day.” (The Way Ahead, 4.6)

What will my child experience in Collective Worship at Bures?

As a Church of England School, Collective Worship is at the heart of school life. It happens every day, in a range of different forms, which give all children an opportunity to learn, celebrate and respond to our Christian Values drawn from the Bible. Collective Worship songs are sung about God’s character or what he has done for us. Where possible they are linked to the value to help the children further reflect on its meaning.

What will my child get from Collective worship?

Whether children or adults come from a religious family or not, they are given the chance to find out what Christians as well as people from other faiths believe about God, the world and each other. They will be given quiet-time to reflect upon big life questions and the values they live by. Collective worship is a time where both staff and pupils can be still, pause to reflect and find balance in the busyness of life.

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