KS2 Performance Data

Our last Ofsted report for the School is available here. You can read our most recent Church School (SIAMS) Inspection report here.

Bures School Key Stage Two Performance Data

Being a primary school, each year we publish how well our children have achieved at the end of Year 6, in readiness for secondary school. This is our Key Stage Two Performance Data, and is available on the link above. Statistics of this nature can be quite complicated to unpick but I hope that the format in which we are presenting the data is clear. If any parent or carer would like help in understanding the data in more detail please do get in touch.

You can access the DfE website here which contains our school data for 2015-2016.

Our 2017 Key Stage Two (Year 6) test (SAT) results show that we have attained above the National average in reading and mathematics though we have dipped slightly below the National average in writing.

Our progress data shows that in reading and maths our pupils’ progress from Year 2 to Year 6 is above the National but is very slightly below in writing.

This year, we will be working hard to improve our teaching and assessment of writing. We will also be focusing on ensuring that a greater percentage of our pupils are able to attain the higher levels in reading and writing.

The Performance Data for Key Stage Two is available here.



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