School Improvement Planning

Key Priorities for Pupil Performance. You can view the full School Improvement Plan here

Quality of Education:


  1. Strong Subject Leadership

To ensure that pupils’ work across all areas of the curriculum is consistently of a high quality as a result of strong and well-informed subject leadership

Behaviour and Attitudes:


  1. Positive Attitudes to Learning – Growth Mindset

    To encourage pupils to develop highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education and become highly motivated and persistent in the face of difficulties through a whole school community focus on adopting a Growth Mindset (GM)

Personal Development:


  1. Respecting differences

    To ensure that pupils understand, appreciate and respect differences in the world and its people and become more adept at engaging with views, beliefs and opinions that are different from their own in considered ways.  

Leadership and Management:


  1. Improved Outcomes through Effective Professional Development

    To ensure that the percentage of pupils achieving expected standards across all subjects is increased through the provision of focused and highly effective professional development for all staff

Effectiveness of Early Years Provision:


  1. To develop the EYFS Curriculum to secure a strong impact on what children know, can remember and do – ensuring all children do well.

Bures Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Nayland Road, Bures, Suffolk, CO8 5BX

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Mrs Jan Plumstead

Business Manager

Mrs Georgie Turner

Mrs Georgie Turner

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Susan Coutts

Mrs Susan Coutts

Office Manager

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