Bures CEVC Primary School

Vision and Values

Vision – what it is we are aiming to achieve. 

At Bures School we:

Explore every opportunity we are given

Believe in ourselves

Do our very best to Shine 

Explore, Believe, Shine 

‘The Adventure Awaits …’


Values – a value is a principle that guides our thinking and behaviour.

The Governors have identified five values which are core to all we do:

Excellence / Integrity / Collaboration / Inclusivity / Ambition

In addition to the six Christian values we uphold:

Responsibility / Tolerance / Friendship / Foregiveness / Compassion / Courage


Strategic Objectives

The Governors have set the following strategic objectives to drive improvement through the School.

Children’s Achievement:

Provide a rich curriculum which excites and challenges every child to adopt a growth mindset to learning. We will nurture a special interest in every pupil, whether it be academic, sporting, artistic or musical. We strive for achievement with enjoyment.

Community Focused:

To work closely with the local community and churches, to build a strong relationship that enriches the learning of pupils, supports the community, and embeds a Christian ethos within the School.

Staff Development:

To value our staff and governors and their development, to ensure we have passionate individuals who deliver high quality learning every day.

Engaged Parents:

To communicate and engage with our parents to enable them to be active in the education of our pupils.

Learning Environment:

Utilise all our physical assets to their maximum, and maintain high standards of behaviour, to ensure that pupils can learn in a safe and positive environment.


Success Factors

 The governors will use these success measures to provide an indication of whether the strategic objectives we aim to deliver are being achieved.

  • A high proportion of parents feel that the School is adding value to their child and they are positive about the School (Parent Survey).
  • Staff and governors have bought into the vision of the School and feel that they are making a positive contribution to our priorities.
  • The School is highly effective (Parent Survey, Ofsted and SIAMS).
  • The School is able to manage its resources within its means, whilst making funding available to invest in continuous improvement (Budget Reports).
  • Children achieve at least their expected standard and progress at all levels within the School.
  • Children enjoy being at School and a rich and diverse curriculum.


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