Mr Sellens asked the children what was their favourite part of the new curriculum, this is what they said..

Year 6 – “Trying Mexican food and experiencing another culture was great. It gave me an appreciation for how our cultures are different. Dissecting a heart was pretty cool too. Last year our topics were less practical, our new topics have been more interactive.”

Year 4 – “It’s been great fun learning about the Saxon’s and Vikings. It’s been great making Saxon shields and jewellery for the Trade Fair. We’ve been really busy! Because we’re older we’re able to learn about more exciting things as we have a better understanding. It’s been more interesting than last year.”
Year 2 – “I really enjoyed our topic Bounce. It was fun throwing the balls outside to see how they bounced. We video’d it on the Ipads so we could watch it again. Mud, Muck and Mixtures was great too. The classroom was so messy! It’s great when we get to try new things we can’t do at home.”
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