Bures CEVC Primary School

Vision and Values

Vision – what it is we are aiming to achieve. 

Our School Vision words are:

Explore       Believe        Shine

Through exciting and adventurous learning experiences within a healthy, safe and dynamic environment, we help everyone in our community to explore and realise their limitless potential.

With a strong Christian ethos, we promote belief and faith in ourselves and others, courageously sharing, caring and forgiving, whilst celebrating both our similarities and differences.

We challenge our pupils, staff and parents to become life-long learners who have the confidence, self-esteem, resilience and desire to achieve excellence and shine in all they do.

The Adventure awaits ……


Values – a value is a principle that guides our thinking and behaviour.

The Governors have identified five values which are core to all we do:

Excellence / Integrity / Collaboration / Inclusivity / Ambition

In addition to the six Christian values we uphold:

Responsibility / Tolerance / Friendship / Foregiveness / Compassion / Courage


Strategic Objectives

The Governors have set the following strategic objectives to drive improvement through the School.

Children’s Achievement:

Provide a rich curriculum which excites and challenges every child to adopt a growth mindset to learning. We will nurture a special interest in every pupil, whether it be academic, sporting, artistic or musical. We strive for achievement with enjoyment.

Community Focused:

To work closely with the local community and churches, to build a strong relationship that enriches the learning of pupils, supports the community, and embeds a Christian ethos within the School.

Staff Development:

To value our staff and governors and their development, to ensure we have passionate individuals who deliver high quality learning every day.

Engaged Parents:

To communicate and engage with our parents to enable them to be active in the education of our pupils.

Learning Environment:

Utilise all our physical assets to their maximum, and maintain high standards of behaviour, to ensure that pupils can learn in a safe and positive environment.


Success Factors

 The governors will use these success measures to provide an indication of whether the strategic objectives we aim to deliver are being achieved.

  • A high proportion of parents feel that the School is adding value to their child and they are positive about the School (Parent Survey).
  • Staff and governors have bought into the vision of the School and feel that they are making a positive contribution to our priorities.
  • The School is highly effective (Parent Survey, Ofsted and SIAMS).
  • The School is able to manage its resources within its means, whilst making funding available to invest in continuous improvement (Budget Reports).
  • Children achieve at least their expected standard and progress at all levels within the School.
  • Children enjoy being at School and a rich and diverse curriculum.


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