FAQs and Useful Information for Parents

Contact Details

Please ensure that parent, carer and emergency contact details are kept up to date.  If any of your details change, please inform the office as soon as possible.  As a matter of course parents are contacted if a child bumps his/her head or if he/she is feeling increasingly ill. Therefore it is vital important that you can be contacted at any time.  Mobile phone numbers are useful.

Admission Arrangements

Our Admissions Policy contains full information regarding a child’s admission in to our school. Please click here to access the policy.

Transport to School
For guidance on whether you may be eligible to receive assistance with transport for your child to and from school, please click here



If your child is ill, it is important that you let the office know as soon as possible and, preferably, before 8.40 am.  If you do not report a child’s sickness, the office will call to find out why your child has not attended school.  You may be contacted at any point during the day. In cases where the school staff feel that a parent or carer has not been truthful about an absence, the Education Welfare Officer may be contacted in order to ensure the child’s wellbeing and safety.  

Medical Appointments and Extended Absences

Absences for medical or dental appointments do not require prior authorisation by the headteacher.  However, we would ask that you inform the office before the appointment also if your child is likely to be in late or is to be collected early for an appointment.  If your child will be late, it would be helpful if you could inform the office whether they will be having a packed lunch or school dinner on that day.  Office staff will collect children from classrooms for appointments or return them.  Parents will be required to sign their children in or out of school. Absences for holidays will in the main be refused for children over the statutory age for education. Requests for close family weddings, funerals, religious and cultural events will be authorized on a case by case basis. The Attendance Policy is clear about circumstances leading to absence which can or cannot be authorised.  Copies of the Policy are available from the office or on the school website.

Bad Weather/ School Closure Information

If the school needs to close, we will notify all parents via the School Gateway with as much notice as possible. Notification will also be made to the local radio stations in Essex and Suffolk. Please avoid ringing the school to find out about closures as the phone lines are needed to ensure contact with staff is as effective as possible.  

Dinner Money

School meals for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are free of charge.  The cost for Key Stage 2 is currently £2.30 per meal.  School menus are changed throughout the year and distributed to parents and extra copies are available from the office.  It is school policy that, if more than 5 meals are owed in dinners, a reminder will be sent and non-payment will lead to child not being able to have further dinners until the amount outstanding is settled.  

Fruit and Milk

Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will receive a free piece of fruit each morning at playtime. Children in Key Stage 2 can bring in a piece of fruit for morning playtime. Milk is free for Nursery and Reception children. Parents of children in years 1 and above may choose to purchase milk on a daily basis for their child. This is done online via our milk provider.  

Payments for Dinners and Trips

We have a School Gateway system which will allow you to pay for school dinners, breakfast club or school trips all online. You can download an app to your phone to access the gateway via your phone or you can access the gateway online at www.schoolgateway.co.uk. All monetary payments should be placed in a sealed envelope with the child’s name clearly marked on the outside and with a permission slip (if required) enclosed with the payment.  There is a black “deposit” box on the outside wall of the office which payments can be posted into.  

Naming Clothes

We urge all parents to please clearly label their child’s uniform.  It is very difficult to discern which item belongs to which child when they are left unnamed and many items are lost each year.  Labels are relatively inexpensive and can be ordered online by logging on to our uniform supplier’s website.  

School Comms

We aim to limit the amount of paper the school uses as much as possible.  As a result, we have signed up to SchoolComms which is a way of keeping parents informed via email and text. When you complete your contact forms we will register all your contact information on our school system which will ensure you receive up to date emails and text messages.  Once registered, please let the office know if you are off-line for any reason in order that we can ensure information reaches you.  



Our uniform range can be viewed and purchased online by logging on to www.mapac.com. The website is very straight forward to use and is much like any online purchasing. Payment can be made by either debit or credit card.

Our Uniform Policy can be viewed here which gives full information on all the uniform the children require.

NB: We do not keep spare PE clothes at school.  Children need their kits every day.



Breakfast Club

  The school operates a breakfast club for those who need to drop children off early.  The club opens at 7.45 am.  Children are offered a varied and healthy breakfast and have some time to play with their friends.  The children are allowed into their classrooms at 8.40 am.  The cost of breakfast club is £4 per session and can be paid via the School Gateway. Booking is essential.  

Parent Communication

There is a weekly newsletter sent from our Headteacher on a Friday. This highlights specific achievements and attendance figures and provides information about the forthcoming week. The link to our latest newsletter is available on our home page. We hold a parents evening in the Autumn Term and again in the Spring Term. In the Summer term we provide a comprehensive written school report from the class teacher. There is a Church Assembly which the children attend and takes place at St Mary’s Church, normally on the first Thursday of every month. All welcome. We provide you with a comprehensive list of dates that highlight all the trips, activities and events that are due to take place each term so that you can forward plan key events for the forthcoming term. In addition to the class newsletter there is a school calendar available on the website that you can see and subscribe too. Finally, we are always here to help.  Our busy times are at the start and end of the school day so please bear with us during these busy times. We can also be contacted on the school number, 01787 227446 or via email at primary@bures.suffolk.sch.uk.

Parent View

To access Parent View please click here.

Paper Copies

If you require a paper copy of any information on this website you can either use the print option on the page or request one from the school office.

Financial Information

There are 0 members of staff at Bures CEVC Prinary School who have a gross annual salary of more than £100,000. (This is information the DfE require us to share with you.)

If you would like to find out more about our school finances you can visit the schools financial benchmarking webpage here.

Bures Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Nayland Road, Bures, Suffolk, CO8 5BX

T: 01787 227446 E: primary@bures.suffolk.sch.uk

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