Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

We are currently developing our Relationships and Sex Education Policy and practice in readiness for the new DfE Statutory Guidance which is due to be implemented in September 2020. We are working with the Local Authority Team and the DFE as ‘Early Adopters’ of the new guidance so that we can benefit from the training and support being provided in the run up to the final implementation.

The content of the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum at Bures is built on the National Curriculum, the 2019 Regulations and advice and guidance from the PSHE Association. A range of materials will be drawn upon to ensure RSE is delivered to all children throughout the school and is tailored to each child’s needs and level of understanding. These include: ‘Learn 4 Life’ materials, ‘1decision’ online resources and ‘CWP’ resources. (An overview of the PSHE and RSE curriculum can be accessed on the Curriculum page of the school website).

We ran a Parents’ Workshop on 12th November to provide parents and carers with information about the way we will be teaching the RSE curriculum as well as to gain a better understanding of parents views on our plans. Here are some of the resources we used at the workshop. If you feel you would like to discuss any aspects in more detail, please contact the school office to make an appointment to see Ms Slater or Miss Moore (RSE Leader).


Parents’ Workshop PPT

Guidance on Age Appropriate SRE Lessons

1decision – Parent / Carer Resource Page (This is a very useful page as it allows you to preview some of the videos we will be using in school)


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