Super Swimmers


On Thursday 16th of

January 2020, 8 selected children from year 6 went to the kingfisher leisure centre and took part in a swimming gala with 15 other competing schools. Before we started we were extremely scared but we were overcome by our results (4th place out of 15.) We had:

Girls’ freestyle-Tia

Girls’ freestyle-Annabelle

Girls’ backstroke-Lauren

Girls’ breastroke-Lucy

Boys’ freestyle-Josh

Boys’ freestyle-Ben

Boys’ backstroke-Dylan

Boys’ breastroke-Rory.

After these races we all joined in with a relay. We all had a great morning but still had to complete our test that we missed today! We would like to thank Miss Boatwright for coming along and Mrs O’Neill, Mrs Lester, Mrs Shields, Mrs Woodman and Ms Weavers  for being parent supporters.

By Lucy and Lauren.


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