World Book Day

A wonderful time was had by all and despite spending the day ‘ready for bed’, the children were busy throughout, either reading and writing stories of their own or watching the performance of a classic tale…

Teddy Bear’s Picnic    By Miss Moore

If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!

World Book Day started off with a fantastic performance from a visiting theatre company. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 were treated to a great performance of “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. The children were getting stuck into the show, singing along to songs like “Wiggly Woo” and “Incy Windy Spider” with Eddy the Teddy and his guitar. We watched Eddy take a journey through the woods, where he met lots of animal friends and tried to prepare a picnic. The children were in fits of laughter as things went from bad to worse for the clumsy old bear, and had lots of opportunities to tell (or shout at) Eddy to help him fix his silly mistakes. Many of the children were singing the songs throughout the rest of the day which was lovely to hear.

Alice in Wonderland    By Rory and Betty

The play was very exciting, funny and weird especially when the White Rabbit ran across the hall like it was a cat running away from a dog! The rabbit also made everyone laugh, especially the year two children and the teachers but the funniest character was the Queen of Hearts – you would have laughed your head off (or the she’d have removed it in another way!). When Alice shrunk, they used the funniest little puppet. When it came to the part with the caterpillar, it kept asking “Who are you?” to Alice until she turned the question on him. They also used lots of people from the audience to help them with the show to play some characters since there were only two actors.

After the performances, the children were involved in a variety of activities, all of which encouraged a love of reading. Everyone looked superb in their pyjamas, and I think that despite everyone’s excitement we all remained comfy and cosy. We wish that we could do it every week!

At the end of the day the children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to mix with the pupils from across every year group with an end-of-the-day story. The classes were split into groups and snuggled up in their pyjamas with a special guest reader from another class. Mrs Wilcox even managed to sneak in her adorable pooch, Lexie, a very well-behaved golden Labrador.

Leighton (Reception) said that he “really enjoyed listening to a story with a dog *right there*!”.

Finally, we were all brought together for a very special treat- hot chocolate and biscuits as we listened to a final “bedtime” story by Miss Taylor. Our hearts (and bellies) were full of joy.

All in all, it was a brilliant day, and the perfect reason for the children to celebrate their favourite stories with one another.



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